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Church History
Rehoboth Ministries Church of God in Christ

And he said, For now the Lord hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land. Genesis 26:22b

            Rehoboth Church of God in Christ was originally started and founded by Dr. John Albert Jones Jr., in August of 1955, at 2415 West Fulton with his oldest daughter as the only member present, and a good friend Sis. Ford (R. L. Ford).  The late Mother Jennie L. Hunter paid the first month’s rent.  As the Lord blessed and the Church continued to grow, Dr. Jones along with a few faithful members moved to Lake Street.  The name of the church was then Lake Street Church of God in Christ.  In 1956, Dr. Jones along with his family, Mother Rudella Burdett, Deacon J. D. Burse and family, Brother Robert Logan and family, Assistant Pastor H. E. Wilson and family and Assistant Pastor C.E. Jones moved to 2001 West 13th Street.  The name of the church was then changed to West Side Church of God in Christ.  In 1958 West Side Church moved to Sacramento and Roosevelt Road.
            At the request of Bishop J.O. Mason, West Side Church merged with Zion Temple Church of God in Christ at 5152 ½ S. Indiana.  As the Lord continued to bless and to minister to Dr. Jones, the church moved to 4741 S. State Street.  It was there that the Lord gave Dr. Jones the vision of a beautiful edifice.  The Lord soon gave him a name to match the vision and his ministry.  God have Dr. Jones the name Rehoboth.  It was from that point on that Dr. Jones started looking for the church in his vision.  The Lord brought the vision to fruition in 1970.  Over a cup of coffee, a donut and a promise from a good friend, Mr. George Dugay, God gave us Rehoboth, located at 11032 S. Indiana.  Immediately, Rehoboth began to look forward to doing greater things as unto the Glory of God.  A beautiful educational building and residence adjacent to the church property was purchased in 1971. 
            In 1973, through the wisdom of Dr. Jones and God’s greatness, the Rehoboth Day Care Center was started.  It later grew to be the Rehoboth Christian School.  Through adversities, and even a fire, God continued to show his favor. 
            After the death of Dr. Jones in July 1995, Elder Bruce Arlen Jones became the Pastor of Rehoboth Church of God in Christ. Pastor Bruce A. Jones, "A lover of God's People," led with grace until he was also called home to be with the Lord in 2001. Rehoboth Ministries is now under the leadership of Elder Osmond C. Jones and the vision shall come to pass. In October of 2012, the church body moved to Park Forest, IL.  God is blessing the ministry and we are preparing to move to the next level. The VISION continues and has enlarged through the grace of God.